Cloud of Luster (Wedding Chapel) by Tetsuya Matsumoto
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The design for Cloud of Luster was inspired by the modern wedding ceremonies in Japan. These are all about the lightness, the brightness, and the smooth transition towards a happy future family life. The lines needed to be naturally curvy and the space needed to be open to receive as much light as possible. the columns needed to feel official as the ceremony is taking place and yet be as smooth and glamorous to spread the happiness of the moment.
The cloud of Luster is a wedding chapel designed to translate the contemporary wedding spirit into physical space. The chapel is part of a wedding ceremony hall in Himeji city, Japan. The Cloud shaped Chapel is all white, a minimalistic ceiling free of any technical equipment is supported by round columns with a hyperbolic cone head. The interior space is enveloped in round Glass opening it to the Garden and an outside basin, letting daylight fill the space and brighten the hearts.
Design Challenges
The simplicity of this design is a way to engrave a simpler image in the Peoples mind, with a focus on the newlywed couple. The organic shapes call for a more natural spirit and smoother life. No hard angles, no limit to the sky, a dreamy space where all can be possible. the second step was to find the best balance of shapes and dimensions and produce the whole image with respect to budget especially using curved glass and unconventional AC and lighting systems.
Production Technology
The chapel is supported by a metallic frame structure. The foundations and the hyperbolic bases on the basin side are all made in reinforced concrete. All the white parts of the walls, columns, capitals, and ceiling are finished in an organic material called Joly-Pat produced by AICA. The capital like forms have a wooden base. And the floor was covered in glass beads coated in resin. The curved glass is 10mm thick and is supported by double 19mm thick clear glass fins.
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