L1 All Blue (Watch) by Jacques Colman
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
Inspired by the Berlin lifestyle and famous landmarks, the L1 All Blue combines quality "Made in Germany" and modern, sustainable design with a mesmerizing blue color. Small Berlin anecdotes are integrated into the Design of the watch: The embedded crown is shaped like the Weltzeituhr at Alexanderplatz, the fonts on the dial are the ones used in the street signs of the eastern and in the western part of Berlin.
The design of the L1 All Blue reflects the architecture, landmarks and style of Berlin in a captivating blue color. A sun-cut dial for even more colourful depth. And the seconds hand in Serenity Blue adds an additional touch of blue to the watch. A Stainless steel case made of especially pure 316L surgical steel and the matte blue finish perfectly accentuates the closed composition of the casing. Superluminova on the hands and hours highlights the look at night.
Design Challenges
It is always a challenge to find the right suppliers when it comes to sustainable and environmentally friendly products that don't cost a fortune. We found suppliers who could implement our design to the standards we were looking for.
Production Technology
Designed in Berlin and assembled in Pforzheim and Ruhla, where the art of watch-making is deeply rooted. The 316L surgical steel case is fitted with a sapphire-hardened mineral glass and a sun-cut dial and Superluminova on the hands and hours dial. The leather strap is plant-tanned that means we only use natural substances and no aggressive ingredients during the process.
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