Yunxi (Characteristic Restaurant) by Shang Cai
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Chongqing, where the project is located, is one of the most beautiful cities in China. There are two famous rivers running through the city center, so the waterscape becomes soul of the city's natural beauty and the source of inspiration for the project. The designer constructs scenes such as rain, water, cloud, fog and so on, which are distributed in different space regions. Various states of water elements are integrated and interacted in space, and becomes impressive spatial characteristics.
The project is a restaurant run by a designer, which is often used for the fashionista to hold parties. Therefore, it needs stronger visual impact and more possibilities of spatial changes. With water taken as the design theme, and through fusion of light and shadow, modelling in space, materials and color, the designer interprets the unique permeability and fluidity of water elements. Thus, rich changes and unique visual effects are presented by the space.
Design Challenges
How to express the sense of motion and light for water elements in static space is the biggest challenge. The designer constructs theme devices such as cloud, rain, ice, water and so on, matched with intelligent controlled dynamic light source and ambient light source, forming interaction between various reflective and transparent materials with different characteristics. Effects such as flowing of rain, ethereality of mist and cloud, the shimmering water waves and so on are vividly expressed.
Production Technology
The designer regards light as the key design element, and by building the interactive relationship between space, light and shadow, a strong sense of rhythm and visual impact are endowed to the static space. It mainly includes the following four aspects: Firstly, creation of spatial hierarchy: along the entry motion lines, three space with different functions are set, including the entrance winding corridor, reception and restaurant hall. In each space, different levels of multi-dimensional perception are created through the changes of materials, brightness and color. Secondly, creation of visual impact: stage lighting techniques are applied. In the large area of black background within the main space of the restaurant, theme modelling and devices in the space are highlighted through the accurate light control, forming intense visual impacts. Thirdly, creation of spatial theme features: through the connection of devices, materials, light and shadow, spatial features of water element themes are created. Fourthly, creation of multi-purpose space functions: the designer uses the open design method in the main space, matched by the intelligent lighting control system that can adjust colors arbitrarily, colorful space atmosphere with various functions can be created, which can be used with different party scenes.
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