Nine Court Mansion (Residential Landscape) by Guowei Zhang
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Winner
Since China has developed from agricultural civilization to industrial civilization, the history never goes back. The Chinese peaceful and indifferent life aesthetics and faith for integration of nature and human are challenged and neglected. We do not deny development, but China needs to regain attention to its own culture at this stage.
This project is intended to improve the life quality of residents at the same, use the modern design to introduce and express elements of China traditional culture, in order to improve recognition and degree of attention of people on China traditional culture. The inspiration getting from the spatial structure of China Palace, create axis layout and relationship of three pattern. The traditional homing etiquette and traditional China element are expressed contemporarily.
Design Challenges
Re-look through and explore Chinese culture, and create new fashion of MADE IN CHINA, which makes Chinese regain the emphasis on our own culture. However, Chinese culture lies in its charm instead of single accumulation in form. The design difficulties this time lie in both meeting aesthetic needs of people and usage needs in life referring to how to express the traditional culture.
Production Technology
We pursue the presentation of traditional oriental aesthetics in the project design. Chinese style and artistic conception are brought into the design, use the ways to carving instead of printing to grasp Chinese Charm, change complexity to the simple, adjust in material and simplify in shape elements like Chinese traditional pitched roof and dragon scales, meanwhile shall focus on the design essentials in function. That is, return to the users and bring them spiritual pleasure.
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