Feiliyundi (Sales Center) by Weimo Feng
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The infinite possibility of life is the starting point of our inspiration. We hope to use abstract elements to express our infinite yearning for life and infinite possibility for the future. Sales office is no longer just a single display function,here is a dream of the place,it should be both shape and spirit,from inside to outside are emitting a kind of attraction.It should be immersive enough that people get the message in a short time,think about life in the experience,and act on it.
The use of a modern feeling across the floor infinite circulation of the curve modeling, mold the relationship between the floor and room, so that the more levels and memory points, the coherence modeling as the core of the space, the unique high-quality design is designed by combining the space feeling and the functional requirement. Through the model and the construction site research and development, determine the construction process, to achieve the desired results.
Design Challenges
In the design, how to break through the traditional selling in the limited space and how to deal with the relationship between floor height and empty, and create a high-quality, situational experience on the basis of modern. It is the challenge point of this design, and the main challenge in construction lies in the production of special-shaped metal, etc.
Production Technology
Art paint, terrazzo, jade green stone, artificial stone
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