Polyot (Restaurant) by Alina Pimkina
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
We wanted to convey energy, speed, strength and dynamism to give the guests an opportunity to experience new emotions and futuristic vibes. Clear, but unusual geometry served as an important principle in the creation of this space. We used streamlined shapes, curved lines and asymmetrical angles. Huge silver Martian goddesses like figures are installed on symmetric columns at the entrance. They can be easily placed in the decorations of the Hollywood movie about new civilizations. The interior does not press with its seriousness, but on the contrary inspires and gives wings.
The interior of the ‘Polyot’ restaurant reminds the scenery for a sci-fi movie. The sleek steel shapes and portholes at the entrance make the room look like the cabin of a space shuttle. One of the main principles in the interior of ‘Polyot’ is minimalism. There is a lack of decor to which the audience in Moscow restaurants is so used, no patterns and ornaments on the walls and in design elements. Instead there are large shining objects.
Design Challenges
The main problem of futurism projects is the feeling of coldness. Our task was to create - a cozy futurism.
Production Technology
Sailormoon chair by Asthetique, V lighting by Asthetique, Penguin chairs by Asthetique All furniture and lighting was created and custom made special for this project.
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