Milwaukee Redstick (Digital Level) by Tactile Design Teams
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Hardware, Power and Hand Tools Design Award Winner
Today’s digital box levels are built with the same segmented display design that the very first digital levels were built with decades ago; there’s been no overwhelming change to the technology. Each pixel is burned into the phosphor-based electronic display and can’t shift or deviate, jumping from one measurement to the next. This makes it difficult for users to get a proper read of the measurement depending on the direction they’re viewing the level.
The Milwaukee Redstick Digital Level is one of the first mainstream box level products to have only digital feedback (no ‘spirit vials’). Featuring an innovative and user-friendly interface, the Redstick digital levels are the most accurate levels on the market. The circular display is well designed, super easy to read, and can be read from the side and the top.
Design Challenges
It was a major leap forward in choosing an all-digital system and leaving the traditional spirit vial level behind. However, going from analog to digital came with its own challenges, such as power consumption. Ensuring the new digital levels could keep up with its analog counterpart meant exploring creative solutions to reduce power consumption through input via sensors and gestures.
Production Technology
The Redstick Digital Level uses Milwaukee’s latest measurement technology, offering accuracy up to three one-hundredths of a degree. Pinpoint provides precision measurement features that can be easily read-out through numeric, graphic color and audio information on a high-resolution circular display. Powered by redlithium usb batteries, Redstick Digital Level is completely rechargeable.
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