Hello Industrie 4.0 (Exhibition Stand) by Susanne Burkholder
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Architectural Shell: Networked production landscapes and digitization will shape the next half-century in the same way that the internet, smartphones and computers have shaped the past half-centrury. The “Hello Industrie 4.0” architectual design concept of the booth is about nothing less than the disruptive transformation as a welcoming gesture. The polygonal outer skin is based on a networked structure and thus symbolizes the networking idea of the Internet of Things.
At the world’s largest industrial show, KUKA’s booth takes the form of a highly visible, futuristic exhibition structure. Inside it, the market leader in intelligent automation with robotics takes visitors on a trip into networked production landscapes and changing work environments. Cobotics, Cloud Computing or the Internet of Robotics – the thematic areas throughout the brand environment exude and bring to life the spirit of a thought leader and trailblazer for Industrie 4.0.
Design Challenges
The KUKA Fair Toolbox uses the expansion stage Premium for leading international trade fairs worldwide. Noble materials such as Corian or high-gloss surfaces, details, such as double light strips on pedestals and applications, or high-quality finish of surfaces, edges and transitions characterize the overall picture. A short timeslot of only a few months, from the development to the realization of the trade fair, has to be mastered as a special challenge at the same time as the interdisciplinary implementation of the relaunch of a new KUKA corporate branding.
Production Technology
Sustainable Solutions: Despite the solitary overall look, architecture is a modular concept. Only a few weeks after the first appearance in Hanover, the room bodies and stations can be seen in modified form at other fairs. And the Smart Factory is also following the journey to further international ones destinations.
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