Eighteen (Art Installation) by Ketan Jawdekar
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
Inspiration of this art installation comes from Eighteen and the significance age eighteen in everyones life. It is the most important phase of life. Turning Eighteen is not just a number but a mile stone and a border to cross over and emerge as mature. it is not just a number but a measure and a scale to explore and to experience the whole new dimension. it is not just a number but a realization and a perception to know and feel what is mirage and what is the real.
Elle Decor India approached us to design an art installation to celebrate their 18th anniversary in India. The art installation was supposed to be put up at India design week expo to be witnessed by visitors across country. This interactive installation conveys significance of being eighteen years old and relates it to a common man. Three dimensional mirror alphabets in the spelling of eighteen were composed to form a cube that gives multiple dimensions and insights to viewer.
Design Challenges
Mirror surface was the challenge. Achieving perfect corner details in mirror was not possible. The edges needed to be fine so as to achieve sharp images. Using actual mirror was not possible as the thickness of glass produced thicker edges. Alternative for the mirror were thought of and the solution was found in using 2 mm thick acrylic mirror.
Production Technology
after initial sketching, the final composition of alphabets was designed using softwares like sketch up to understand overall geometry. it was then converted to construction drawings using cad software. The cube is made up of three dimensional acrylic letters. These letters were cut in acrylic using laser cutting tools and then cladded with laser cut 2 mm thick acrylic mirror. Each alphabet in the spelling of Eighteen was constructed separately and assembled to make a composition to form a cube.
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