Kaishan Chinese Spirit 18 (Neo-Chinese Spirit Package) by Jansword Zhu
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
The label inspired from Chinese painting hand-roll and the asymmetry structure of the label is unique. The 18 cutting surface of the bottle also make the mountain look different in different aspect, which is written in the Chinese old Poem( mountain looks different in different aspect) The flavor of Kaishan different from the old style, it combines the procedure of Gin, thus the design is also a new fresh for the Chinese traditional spirit market.
KAISHAN 18 chinese spirit, allows the customer to drink a dream with the blue and tranquil mountain scene. The blue gradient on the shoulder would reflexing blue aura on the crystal mountain(Dragon mountain of China, Tianshan). Together with the Lucid pattern on the box abstracted from Dunhuang cave painting, the wood Chinese traditional stopper as a contrast, the design shows an heavenly peace of Chinese Aesthetic.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of the Chinese spirit design is that usually a bottle contains 500ml volume(less than whisky or vodka) but the Chinese spirit consumer mania with the big size and expanded visual effect of the package. (A ridiculous rule saying in the spirit sales market is that "the bigger the box, the better it sells") So we thicken the bottom of the bottle, and place the bottle in a big box in a good reason. Chinese character is also a hard part. Not similar with Japanese character which has katakana, hiragana or directly english alphabet to choose from, We have only uneven characters, and strict law of using the character "rightly". Many Chinese design lost their modernity by bad calligraphy using or over-using of crafts. This time we deal with the four character into two part and left many whitespace to generate mythical atmosphere. Asymmetry label is also challenge point, we adjust many time about the length and height of label and finally set it in 55% of the perimeter.
Production Technology
Emboss, 3D Emboss,UV, glass sculpting
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