Project Egg (Small Pavilion) by Michiel van der Kley
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Winner
Michiel van der Kley has been muddling around and wondering with 3D printers and the fascinating possibilities of the new software we have under our hands. It made him want to do something new, really new. Inspired by Nature, and the fascinating possibilities of the software and people inspired to come up with this idea. We are now able to produce something like this in this unique way. After all, all of us together form some new kind of factory.
Project EGG is the largest community 3D printed object to date. Hundreds of people form all around the world 3D printed a stone, together forming this unique pavilion. Every 'stone' is unique and different. in return everyone that collaborated in this way got their name in the stone. An object like EGG would have never been made 'the old way'. The building itself is constructed with 4760 stones that are all different. Not one is the same as the other.
Design Challenges
the challenge was to come up with something you'd never seen before. So, I started all over with almost no insight. After having defined a shape for the stone that was firm and printable, I designed a pavilion to build with it. Opposite to regular buildings where you can build a lot of things with the regular brick, this pavilion could only be built with the exact amount of unique stones
Production Technology
the 3D model was built in Rhino and especially Grasshopper. Grasshopper is a program that lets you build things that you could not build before. Egg is 3D printed in PLA, mounted together with small screws
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