Tangxing No.5 (Residential House) by saiwen liu
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Concerning the environmental pollution and reduction of natural resources, we try to utilize low cost natural materials into the design. Moso bamboo generally is 3 to 5 years old,i ts soil consolidation capacity is the 1.5 times of the Pinus massoniana, The ability to conserve water is 30%-45% higher than that of Chinese fir. The same biomass of bamboo releases 30% more oxygen than other vegetation. With the increasingly terrible haze, plenty of bamboo wares will stimulate the bamboo planting.
The unique merit of this case design is that plenty of moso bamboo(also called phyllostachys pubescens) will be used for interior decoration.Given the oversized space, so this design aims to alter the original void and dull space into a comfortable and luxuriant place by adopting scattered space and planar separator.The design selects natural moso bamboo,white cement as its materials, the ground put to use nature stone partly and log floor mostly.
Design Challenges
The design difficulties are as follows: 1. How to change the owner’s desire for luxury into the concept of natural environmental protection instead. 2.as for the philosophy “association between quiescent and dynamic” in Chinese traditional culture, how can we can express it perfectly in interior design? So that people can understand the Zen method of emptying the heart. 3. How to solve the existing tall and empty architectural space: the indoor area of this building is more than 500 square meters on each floor with large rooms. Each floor is 5.7 meters high. There are five floors in all, one underground and four above ground. The space is too large for the family of three to live in.
Production Technology
The entrance of the first floor is designed into a porous circular window and tea drinking area enclosed by moso bamboo, the lamp bead hidden in the 726 bamboo tubes at the top of the second floor Buddhist temple are a good interpretation of the meaning of the Buddha's light. The living room of the third floor is designed as a dome, and the LED pale blue light strip creates the feeling of sky. The LED downlight spot light in the center of the dome mimics the moonlight and is sprinkled by a 12 meters high dome. The third floor bedroom will have a sleeping area overhead and “Karesansui” above.
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