Wks Group (Environmental Statement) by Alexander Willuweit
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The WKS Group is one of the top addresses for rotary web offset printing in German-speaking Europe. High-quality rotary web offset printing is the supreme discipline of the company. Environmental protection plays a central role within the WKS Group. In its new environmental statement, we have made this visible with the help of a creative concept.
The main material of the WKS Group is paper. So what could be more logical than taking up the conceptual framework for the new environmental statement. Since the goal was to make the environmental statement available primarily as a digital publication, we wanted to transport the analogue, haptic world (paper structure, cut edges, etc.) into the digital world.
Design Challenges
The main challenge was the creation of the key visuals. Motifs had to be found which create a connection to the topic environment and therefore form the basis for the respective chapters of the environmental statement. This environmental symbols were made of paper collages cut out by hand. Afterwards they had to be photographed with a matching play of light and shadow.
Production Technology
For the individual chapters, symbolic and elaborately designed paper collages were developed by hand, photographed and used as key visuals. The generously sized images were used from the production sites. For creating the illustrations and linear graphics we used Adobe Illustrator. The result is an informative environmental statement, which bundles all relevant contents of 3 companies on almost 90 pages and presents them structured and attractively under the umbrella of a stringent concept.
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