Oka Eye (Exhibition Stand) by Marek Maciuba
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The inspiration came from the experience that we call "flash of genius" which occurs in the design process of the people engaged in developing new creative concepts. We tried to find a visually strong metaphor for a glimmer of genius in the design process that feels like acceleration in bright minds of designers which lead to excellence in design. As a result, we presented our client's products with the added value of the creative process.
Form and structure of the stand illustrate the creative work process of the company. The basis is a semi-transparent facade, which is supported by wooden slats. These elements, labelled with expressive key values, continuously become more concentrated and converge at the centre of the stand, where they appear to be sucked into the semi-circular entrance area and lead to the destination. Just as the design process leads from the initial idea to a finished piece of furniture that can be found inside the stand.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to show the product of our client from the perspective of the design process. We wanted to show the process that leads to the creation of the piece of furniture. We wanted to show a glimpse of how the creative mind works and comes up with clever and visually attractive ideas in the form of furniture which were displayed inside the stand. Our response was to build a rather closed stand with a half-transparent facade the represented creative mind that hides bright ideas inside. On the facade, we wanted to show the struggle of thoughts, ideas, inspiration, trends etc. that are joggled in the designer's mind. These elements are getting filtered and aligned in the design process. At some point, the creator has an intuitive but still foggy idea that with the help of great mind gets a flash of genius that results in great furniture design that can be found inside the stand. This very special moment of capturing the idea is reflected in the entrance Oka eye, where all the elements are sucked by the design force like if there was some kind of curvature of space.
Production Technology
The stand concept is based on half transparent facade created with printed mesh. The idea was to show the process of creation and design thinking attitude of the Oka company. Wooden laths and text concepts randomly spread on the facade represent the creative state of mind of people who work at Oka. These elements condensate and become denser until they reach entrance where they are sucked inside. The entrance is a metaphor of the most important moment in the creative process where all the ideas are sparked and accelerated by the glimmer of genius and give result in the brilliant design of Oka furniture that can be found inside the stand.
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