Nikolatesla Switch (Induction Cooktop) by Fabrizio Crisà
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
Inspiration comes from a collection of experiences and is cross-fields. NikolaTesla Switch was born from the simplest thought of an on/off switch that activates a reaction, enriched by aerodynamics, specifically the movement of the flaps on an aircraft wing when landing.
NikolaTesla Switch is the latest induction cooktop with an integrated extraction system by Elica created to revolutionise the daily cooking experience and turn the point of view of the kitchen literally upside down.Cooking and extraction are combined in a single unit where the search for harmony and maximum attention to detail, together with innovative functions and unique performance, produces the highest expression of technology and design. A central disk of glass and steel, completely flush with the cooktop surface, cleverly conceals the extraction system.
Design Challenges
NikolaTesla System is already an unconventional union of two appliances in one, it is a product for anyone who loves to think outside the box. The real struggle for the NikolaTesla Switch was the technology behind the flap. Although it might seem to be a simple piece, it is indeed the very opposite. Finding the right magnets was a challenge and simplify the assembling it was as well. The last challenge faced was to make the mechanical parts of the flap and the sensors work together in the best way possible.
Production Technology
The cooking surface is realized in a water jet cut ceramic glass, which is also the material for one side of the revolving flap, whereas the other side is covered with a disk in die-casting aluminium iron cast finished in the black version or polished aluminium in the white one. The ring that holds the flap over the grease filter matches the side with the metal finishing, and it is still die-casting aluminium. The flap is finely equipped with micro-magnets balls that activate the VoC sensors.The grease filter is made of three layers of metallic mesh, each one of them oriented in a different angle
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