Bullet + Stone Collection (Architectural Hardware) by Joseph Dibenedetto
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design Award Winner
Contemporary interiors were the main influence. We do our utmost to listen to and observe the behaviour of architects and interior designers in an effort to bring exciting and novel products to market that present true value to our clientele. We noticed that many architects were stripping back ornamental finishes in favour for raw and sustainable alternatives, specifically exposed concrete. This allows the use of concrete to then spread into other areas of an interior, such as furniture, sinks, countertops, flooring, and now – door hardware, with the Bullet+Stone collection by Designer Doorware.
The Bullet+Stone Collection’s point of difference is its daring exploration of materiality. The use of concrete within contemporary architecture and interior design is widespread, however, architectural hardware rarely utilises this ever-present material. Incorporating concrete into door hardware grants interior designers greater freedom to specify products in a wider range of finishes that end-users will utilise on a daily basis. The sumptuous contrast of pristine metal and rough concrete grants designers the ability to provide new tactile experiences for their clients, connecting them closer to their surrounding interior.
Design Challenges
Our user feedback presented our main design challenge. How do we merge frequent hardware finishes and concrete, to create a product that beautifully suits any modern or contemporary interior setting? We looked to some of our other successful collections that explore the use of different materials, and found the solution to be quite simple. Elegantly contrasting rough and sumptuous material finishes within a design that exhibits clean lines, simple curvature, timeless silhouettes, refined proportions and the ability to be purchased in over 20 finish combinations so that you can personalise the product to your liking.
Production Technology
All our concrete products are made in collaboration with local artisans. Each part is finished and crafted by hand, which allows us to highlight the beautiful and natural variations of the material. These concrete components sit atop a forged brass base, available in over 20 finishes, granting designers the flexibility to personalise their Bullet+Stone pieces.
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