Le Morne Lunch Box (Crossbody Handbag) by Jeffrey Wan you sew
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Winner
Once, a good friend came to visit me in Manhattan. He'd always wanted to order Chinese food so he could eat out of the take-out box. It was a classic image of what city-life was like; sitting on the apartment floor with good friends, light shining through the window, using disposable utensils. It was the same feeling I had when I moved to New York City away from my family: fearful, but willing to put everything into pursuing my dreams of being a designer. The collection is about those moments.
Le Morne Lunch Box is the distinguished Jeff Wan "It bag". Crafted in premium Italian calf leather and treated to last for years of wear, the spacious interior compartments are lined with Ultrasuede fabric that is soft to the touch, and creates a true feeling of luxury. Its aesthetic is both minimal and multi-functional, boasting an origami-like construction. It features a removable top handle and adjustable crossbody strap and user-friendly magnetic top-closure, safekeeping the wearer's items.
Design Challenges
I've learned that although a design looks good on paper, it does not mean it can translate well into a three-dimensional object. It took more than 3 rounds of prototype samples with the production partner to get the Le Morne Lunch Box the way I liked. When working with leather, especially in a structured form, it can be difficult to get the fillers and overall hand-feel just right. After fixing and compromising on minor design details here and there, the final pre-production sample was complete!
Production Technology
Le Morne Lunch Box is made by hand in New York City using standard tools and machines to assist in the sampling and production. Patterns are cut using dye-cut panels, similar to cookie-cutters. Panels are cut, bonded and folded, and raw edges are painted by hand with a semi-gloss polymer for durability and aesthetic purposes. A commercial-friendly nylon thread is used for strength and longevity.
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