The Skull (Lounge Bar) by Amir Cherni
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The bar interior design is inspired by post apocalyptic movies. The scale of the interior space accentuates the total immersion in the mood with a feeling of smallness that Put the clients in a completely unfamiliar environment compared to the urban life style of city where the project is located.
The Skull Lounge project is an interior design concept created to be used as a base model for architectural visualization online trainings. The design was inspired by industrial workspaces and abandoned warehouses. The primary challenge was to design a detailed interior concept that proudly displays the building materials that many try to hide. The decorations and materials present the essence of a raw, unfinished design look. Transforming unwanted industrial objects to showpieces represent also a considerable challenge in this design as most of the decorative objects were naturally inspired from industrial wastes.
Design Challenges
The hardest task was the creation of a relaxed atmosphere in a post-apocalyptic design
Production Technology
Most of the 3D work was made using Autodesk 3ds Max and I used Vray as the main rendering engine.
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