City Reception Room (Conference Center) by Design Tengyuan
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
A city-related design task is a long time to wait and surprise. Everything in the designer's works is free. Whether it is the lines drawn on the form, the relationship with the material, or the form of space and the trace of time,they are all the interpretation of the concept of space.
In this case, the designers introduce the concept of city living room, with modern style combined with humanistic temperament. Designers introduce the streamline elements of architecture into the interior, and incorporate the characteristics of the Qingdao ocean into it. It reflects the streamline shape like the ocean wave. In the local, it matches of golden fish to form a unique lamp modeling.
Design Challenges
The owner hopes to build a coastal international expo city that is ahead of the Northeast Asia in terms of scale, carrying capacity, supporting functions and technological level, and to meet the needs of various large-scale high-end conferences and exhibitions in one stop.
Production Technology
The design of the conference room area shows Chinese traditional culture under the premise of ensuring advanced design concept and functionality. The whole building is shaped by irregular silk streamline, which conforms to the elegant shape of silk belt and is supplemented by a large-span steel structure.
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