Yuanlu Community Center (Community Center) by JIE LEE
2018 - 2019, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
As architects have reinterpreted modern architectural aesthetics by designing authentic structure and space in an extremely modern way, the integrity and authenticity of the building from inside to outside will make people feel its beauty of morality and integrity. Furthermore, based on the changing structural form, the integration and interaction of functions, spaces, materials and structures with people are gradually unfolded, thus to exhibit the elegance of the building in natural light.
Yuanlu Community Center is next to Longxing Ancient Town, Chongqing, China.As a response to the environment, the architect places three buildings of different sizes side-by-side on the hillside .Exposed Glulam structures are applied as the crucial visual element for wooden buildings. To demonstrate the philosophy of authenticity of architecture, space, form and structure, architects use timber to closely link space and structure, thus making the architecture itself have the "virtue of honesty".
Design Challenges
The construction difficulty index increased, since the non-traditional “door” structure form. The hoisting of irregular single trusses requires special customization. The hoisting elevation is lower than the construction elevation because of the site shape, and the maximum truss is up to 12 meters long, which increasing the hoisting difficulty. The design of the wooden column foot connection is novel, and the horizontal and vertical errors can be flexibly adjusted at the same time. Steel members are arranged at the stress concentration point, in order to completely hide the steel connections, the novel steel-wood connections are designed, but the construction difficulty of the wood structure is also increased.
Production Technology
In pursuit of ultimate architectural beauty, design and construction are integrated for the Project. The BIM system is adopted to achieve overall project control. Each structural component is optimized thanks to programming design, manufactured by CNC machines, and installed on site. Digitization concepts and advanced technologies are applied to pre-control and dynamically manage the Project. With 3D positioning, very few errors occur during installation. It takes only 25 days from the installation of the wooden structure to the completion of the roof structure.
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