Paper Flight (Show of Papers) by Ximena Ureta
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
A rain of wings and stars, where the flowers and leaves also travel in flock. We have created a "winged box", where the birds make a paper trip as opaque as light. This is how the Colibri, the Crane, the Owl, the Finch and the Dove give life to this project. For each slide that slides, we see a bird fly, stars twinkle under a sky of different roles and different floral universes and harmonious with each other. Everything takes movement almost without words. We have designed a visual scenario of
This two-dimensional kinetic art object highlights all the possibilities that a great materiality provides to graphic design. The creative challenge consisted in designing a visual scenario of delicate finishes. Each flight, seeks to break with the static and bi-dimensional condition of the impression, presenting itself as birds in full flight, through the aesthetics of the movement that occurs when sliding the inner sheets under the paper screen of the cover stimulating the eye through simple visual effects.
Design Challenges
Paper Flight aims to amaze through a delicate and precise architecture, like a clock mechanism that silently sets the time, in which typographies subtly define the essential. This object was the result of a teamwork effort between designer and printing professionals. Its complexity lies, among other things, in the use of laser technology for cutting high-grammage papers, producing very thin and slightly separated windows that form the screen that allows to visualize the nature of each flight.
Production Technology
Format 26x17 cm. closed. Cover Box in Curious Matter Black Truffle 380 gr. printed at 1/0 color (silver), placed on the same paper, laser cut. Base cover in curious pink skin of 270 gr. without print + 1 golden leaf, placed in Courious Matter Black Truffle of 380 gr. printed at 2/0 colors + 1 gold leaf. Base and cradle of box in Curious Matter Black Truffle of 270 gr. printed at 2/0 colors, stamped, armed, consider black color failure tape. 5 different pieces 23.7x14.8 cm. all plated to Courious Matter Black Truffle of 270 gr. printed at 3/0 colors. Card 1 in Conqueror Laid Wax of 300 gr., Card 2 in Curious Skin Orange of 270 gr., Card 3 in Corious Skin Emerald of 270 gr., Card 4 in Courious Metalics Lime of 300 gr., Card 5 in Rives Tradition Le Rouge of 250 gr. all printed at 2/0 colors + 2 folios. Box case in Curious Skin Pink 270 gr. printed at 2/0 colors + 1 golden sheet + embossed, glued, armed stamp.
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