Creative Incubators (Office Space) by RUI ZHAO
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The structural transformation has already begun before we accepted the design task, after arrived in building site we are shocked by the internal spherical grille and intricate exposed steel structure. The original structural framework has become very confusing after several times of structural transformation, but surprisingly this unintentional confusion naturally reveals the strength and beauty moment which can instantly touch people. Therefore, it is the direction of the overall design and technical requirements to retain and to expose the original steel structure of spherical grid, and to extend the traces of original steel structure.
In addition, the original building is a single layer membrane structure, it makes a huge loss of entire indoor energy. In order to save energy, and to retain the momentum of the spherical grid of the and the beauty of the bare structure in the meanwhile, we put a layer of transparent film indoor.Natural light shines through the membrane structure throughout the room. So in the main colors, we choose the combination of a relatively light gray and the wood color, So that the first feeling is very easy, but also it is very consistent with the variability of the space.
Design Challenges
The project is a temporary building left over from the Shanghai World expo,the final structure of the internal structure is relatively complex. In order to highlight the bare messy feeling of beauty, retain, continuation and perfect is the biggest of the design task.
Production Technology
lamp film, steel, glass, latex paint, Russian pine
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