Seehof: a Garden Architecture (Hotel) by Lukas Rungger
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Winner
"The wooden facade and its rough surface are related to the environment, with a focus on incorporating regional materials. The communication with the lake - important characteristic and name of the hotel - is deliberately staged here."
In 2017 this family-run hotel near Bressanone (IT) underwent major renovation and extensions, with an entire restyling. 16 new suites, the new pool and wellness area, directly on the small natural lake “Flötscher Weiher” correspond with the new design and management concept: to place nature and the recreational value as the point of focus.
Design Challenges
In 1958, Jakob Auer, grandfather of the land-owner, founded the so-called soil improvement consortium on the Natz-Schabs /Naz-Sciaves apple tree plateau, in order for the traditional cultivation of apple trees to be intensified. The widely used water pipes used at the time become an inspiration for the interior design. Copper pipes, which can be seen throughout the house, are consciously accentuated as a design element: in the bedrooms; the lamps, small tables, bathroom fittings and wardrobe hooks. In the spa-reception area pipes form an extraordinary view on the wall and ceiling. Special attention and incorporation of natural materials from the surrounding environment, was a focus point in the interior design. Wood, linen, stone, braided furniture and accessories in combination with bright, discreet colors correspond to the natural concept of the new Seehof.
Production Technology
Materials: Precast concrete wall panels, glass walls, green roofs, wooden pergolas and terraces techniques and/or manufacturing process: The new spa area is connected with the surrounding landscape. The glass walls in front of the lake and by the patio improve daylight and the ventilation system. The construction system of the building, that combine green roof, precast concrete walls and isolation, provide high standards of sustainability.
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