American International School of Gz (School) by PEISHAN DONG
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
There is no good or bad student, but students are special with their own unique talents. Their gift is the best present God bestowed and exploiting their gift always brings about infinite possibilities, like opening a real box of gifts.
The design project not only has the project received a LEED Silver certification from the USGBC, but it is also the showcase standard project of AISG. The decoration of the hall takes the opening of a gift box as the theme, featuring details from the outer facades to the interior space and ornament. It manifests the high expectations of AISG concerning the project, as well as help the children exploiting their potentials as their unique gift in the life.
Design Challenges
For the outer façades of the hall, the designers make the utmost of geometric elements, while using GRC to break the limits of the previous wall space, and making the entire structure mysteriously illusive with LED lights that are separately hidden within. By nightfall, the outer structure of the building stands out as the spotlight center of the area. Constructed with folded plates, it looks like a gift box that awaits children’s opening. It symbolizes the exciting exploration that lies ahead, as well as hopes for a better future.
Production Technology
The imitation wood carving aluminum plate-Armstrong Manchuria window process gradient glass-Guangzhou Longhao glass Square carpet-Shaw Sanitary ware-American Standard Light-CDN Light Audio equipment-Renkus Heinz
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