Wood Storm (Desktop Installation) by Naai-Jung Shih
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
The concept of this design originated from the rolling configuration of cloud in a storm. The powerful force of Mother Nature is so vivid that it has created an image of the tumbling dynamics. The lights and shadows seem switching constantly. The type of force needs to be captured and frozen into a solid form.
The tumbling nature of storm cloud is now substantiated by a piece of rolling wood curtain and can be set up on desktop or any flat surface with lights casted from below. The individual linear wood or bamboo element creates a marching effect. The intermediate layout let people see the depth of space in a storm. The U-shaped transparent base is selected purposely to make the storm look like floating and expanding in the air.
Design Challenges
The most challenging part of all was to create a twist vocabulary that let the edges and bodies of the curtain being self-supported. The curtain was personal favorite but not the first choice because its stiffness was not sufficient enough to show the tension of flow. The final choice was the curtain of 12 cm wide in two threads. Other types of curtain were tested as 30 cm wide and 200 cm long in 12 threads. The diameter of each linear bamboo element is 2 mm. The combination of the diameter, width, and length created a smooth transaction of surface.
Production Technology
Wood curtain was used to represent the turbulence of air and give the storm a warm touch. Two levels of deployment were applied to create a typical vocabulary for the curtain surface by axial twist and circular roll. The smaller width of curtain was selected purposely to enable the void channels opened up from different orientations.
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