Kikuchi City Central Library (Municipal Public Library) by Kazunobu Nakamura
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
It is a library built in this Kikuchi city famous for rich water and river. We created a variety of places by this bookshelf with motif of citizen's identity Kikuchi River. I aimed clear book shelf like clear water. the design of this bookshelf with the backboard turned off allowed light and scenery to pass through this tall bookcase like a wall. At first sight the space bounded by the bookshelf is actually softly connected and felt.
A library designed by a huge bookshelf with a curved line like the flow of a river, named "BOOK RIVER". The bookshelf changes various heights, becomes a seat, becomes a counter, or encloses a space like a wall. Big holes in the bookshelf, it becomes a tunnel, a window, a space like a capsule. This space has made various relationships between books and people, and created rich communication.
Design Challenges
Kazunobu Nakamura did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Kikuchi City Central Library Municipal Public Library.
Production Technology
The bookshelf is made up of steel columns as a frame to make it a transparent wall through which light and eyes pass. The hand - drawn curves drawn by designers by programming technology were transformed into continuous arcs, iron columns were arranged to realize a complicated shape while giving structural strength. The transparent bookshelf supports the total weight of the book 40 tons. In addition we opened 13 holes in this bookshelf. Hole has the function of creating different communication scene one by one. Designed with motifs such as waterfalls, rocks and valleys in the river. A hole obliquely opened in a curved bookshelf has a very complicated shape. Again, programming design technology enabled us to realize the design we thought.
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