Twisting (Exhibition Area) by Kris Lin
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The design is inspired by the winding and intertwiningconcept.All the inspirationsemerge in the moment and twisttogether to form a new design idea.Therefore, it is named twisting.The space is formed by twisting structures, making the overall stylingbecome very artistic, blending and independent. The lighting also plays an important role in the whole design.The neat and bright light band coupled with indirect lighting, the dark-colored twisting structure itself is strikingly futurist building.
This is a design work displayed in the exhibition.It is positioned as a Lounge bar and its styling is conceptual.We want to create a different prototype in a way other than the traditional way by exploringdifferent possibilities of the bar with futuristfeeling. Displayed in the 13x7m space, the work itself is like an installation art.It can be placed in different places of a hotel.
Design Challenges
Through twisting design, we can define the main entrance.Even though some backcourt passageways and windows have no clear signs or concrete wall around, the twisting design surrounding the structure can clarify its entrances and exits without blocking the sight.
Production Technology
In this project, the designer uses the environmental regeneration material constitutes the building base plate. The designer uses material of flexible tried some bending effect, using the material to make the structural design of ribbon.
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