Tofana (Hotel) by Lukas Rungger
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Winner
The dynamic personality of the owners (Yoga and Pilates instructors, mountain bikers, ski and snowboard instructors and mountaineers) has led the new Tofana to adapt to these two athletic powerhouses: the -mountain- becomes an abstract conceptual inspiration for the entire architecture. The outer silhouette is aesthetically pleasing with its unique scenic entourage and reflects the shape of a tree-lined mountain peak. The hotel acts de facto as a -base camp- for the guest.
In the demolition and reconstruction of the Hotel Tofana in San Cassiano in Badia Valley, Italy, the surrounding mountain range served as inspiration for the new architecture and interior design. The concept of the new -Explorer's Home- transfers the athletic spirit of the owner family to the entire building...
Design Challenges
The design celebrates the evolutionary transformation of an originally compact building - into a layered structural landscape that sustainably reflects its surroundings... the house brings nature into the house. Small, playful details make the rooms unique, such as the lampshades made out of iron wire, which remind one of oil lanterns in an Alm hut. The playful tiles on the bathroom floor, wall and cieling prod the guest back to Grandmas time. Small mirrors, inscribed with words and sayings in the local Ladine dialect, give each room an individual character.
Production Technology
The main feature of the facade design is the surrounding terraces and vertical connections in the form of external staircases and ramps, which on the one hand serve the purpose of fire protection and on the other, connect the outside areas and different floors. The main materials are reinforced concrete for the constructional parts, plastering for the external facade, large windows in all rooms and plants on the terraces.
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