Exo (Chair) by Svilen Gamolov
2017 - 2018, Platinum A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
I was inspired by the clean and minimalistic shapes and lines in the contemporary sculpture as well as the origami philosophy. I wanted to represent a simple idea, that fits smoothly in the interior environment and in the same time remains an unique subject of design.
The EXO chair is designed for use in modern interiors. It contains pure lines that recreate a sense of a minimalistic modern sculpture. That contributes to reduce the visual noise in the interior environment. The chair complies with the basic design standards that guarantee durability and comfort. It's is made of sturdy steel construction, quality upholsters and attention to detail. EXO chair is available in a wide range of fresh color combinations.
Design Challenges
The only creative challenge for me is to create a functional beauty which is intended to serve well and enjoy the people. Most of my ideas are comming suddenly, and this was one of them. Usually when I create design, I think of all aspects of an subject. This includes all factors of production, target groups and market realization. With regard to this chair, I do not expect serious obstacles on its way between the prototyping stage and the final product.
Production Technology
The chair is made of sturdy steel construction, lightweight plywood and quality upholsters.
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