Midtown (Brewery Bar) by Ryoichi Niwata
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
There were two separated different restaurant ideas from the client in the beginning; one was a tapas restaurant and the other was a craft beer bar. The two of them were combined and became one big restaurant to create synergy with each other. A space like a brewery factory where guest can be entertained and dine was our inspiration.
Two sections of a restaurant are connected. Both areas can be easily accessed but also good for a separated use. Brewery tanks that have been installed in the bar area are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also produce fresh beers. Guest can enjoy craft beers in this brewery space.
Design Challenges
As exposing functional feature, it was our challenge to elevate it to the level of installation art. Not only creating a functional brewery restaurant, but also guests can drink beers while being surrounded by the mechanical tanks and pipes. As using those elements as art materials, this restaurant transformed to a big installation art space with active functionality.
Production Technology
All the furniture, pipes, lighting fixtures, and arts are custom-made. The beer tanks and elaborated piping are stored in the beautiful glass cases and brewing beers. In addition to brewery equipment, imitation pipes and handles are added to enhance the feature and emphasize the character. Fine gold colors of details are accented to bring a luxury atmosphere.
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