Bench For Blm Group (Outdoor Seating) by Enrico Azzimonti
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Street Furniture Design Award Winner
The project starts from the constant innovation research: innovating means more than just implementing new ideas and making optimized products using state-of-the-art technologies. For us, real innovation is something that must be gauged in terms of production process efficiency and efficacy and must translate into direct, material benefit for our customers A new production philosophy based on an advanced technology (the All-In-One) is now available, making those manufacturing processes possible that were either not possible earlier. It is no more required to thick of single, distinct production steps for cutting, bending and forming tubes, but a tubular component designed to be manufactured in a processed in a one integral process where the different technologies are interconnected as never before in order to obtain the best possible finished com
A metal bench laser cut designed by Enrico Azzimonti produced by using an innovative productive approach It's conceived and projected for outdoor: made for stainless steel, it is resistant to weathering. The project aims to optimize the production of the bench through an all in one solution This has been possible only by exploiting the productive technologies which allow a variation of size of the object in real time Handing small and large batches with the same efficiency
Design Challenges
Through observation of the benches and the analysis of their shapes and sizes, we understand that people have basic and secondary needs: The first need is to sit the second is the socialization The idea is to design a chair that would be technically and ergonomically correct and, at the same time, flexible in according to various forms of social aggregation.
Production Technology
Stainless steel. Laser cutting and bending processes often used together to create a final product. Bending laser cut parts An effective solution for identifying laser cut features on a tube in order to correctly reference the part for bending. The system “reads” the presence of holes, slots, seams in a simple and reliable way. Cutting of already bent parts The LT-FREE 5 axis cutting system is suitable for the processing bent, hydroformed, or preassembled tubes, as well as flat or stamped sheet metal parts. The system is perfect for laser cutting or trimming on any three dimensional part. Curved tube management •Import 3D models of both bent and laser-cut tubes. •Automatically generate the part-program for the different technologies (laser, sawing and bending) • Calculate the combined effects of the laser cutting and bending • Automatically correct the programs to move laser cut features to compensate for bending in order to ensure the correct final part geometry.
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