Cloud7 For Tumi (Dog Flight Cabin Carrier) by Petra Jungebluth
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Winner
The Dog Flight Carrier is a niche product targeting the small audience of dog owners travelling with their dogs. Being a niche product hardly any functional or well designed products have been on the market. The Cloud7 for Tumi Flight Carrier brings together the best of knowledge from Tumi as one of the world leading brands for upscale and smart travel accessories and Cloud7's knowledge as a leading brand for high quality dog products.
The Flight Cabin Carrier is the result of a cooperation between German Dog Accessories brand Cloud7 and US Travel Brand Tumi. The challenge for Cloud7 was to develop the perfect design product for dogs travelling inside the flight cabin. The design should represent a modern and stylish look and have all the essential functions applying to the dog's needs when travelling with his master in the aircraft. Additionally the product had to fulfill all international airline regulations.
Design Challenges
Tumi is famous for the human travel collections and wanted Cloud7 to bring in our knowledge of a specialised dog accessories brand for this one-off coop. So the product had to smoothly integrate into the Tumi brand identity but at the same time do the same for the Cloud7 product range. So it needed a design,apart from all it's functional challenges that also matches to two brand characters, because the product was distributed by both brands.
Production Technology
The Flight Cabin Carrier has various valuable features, like a soft lying surface, a safety leash, a shoulder strap than can also be used as a dog leash, a multifunctional ventilation system and a function that allows to extend the inside space with a simple zipper detail. Additionally is has an ID tag for personalisation
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