Yukyu En (Hofu City Crematorium) by Shunmyo Masuno
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Winner
No living being remains in the present world forever. It is the unchangeable rule of the natural world. The great leaders of religion, land and man have not been able to escape death. It is something that we all inevitably face, experience and finally accept. The words of Buddhism teach us that all things in the world do not remain as they are and continue to change; the understanding from this is that we should live our lives to the fullest with no regret.
At “Yukyu En” Crematorium the facilities are designed around a central courtyard garden.The main garden is a modern kare sansui viewing garden named “Tabidachi no niwa”. Stone arrangements are positioned deep at the back of this garden and represent far away mountains of the afterlife. “Shizume no niwa” Garden is by the burning chamber and is where people close to the deceased bid their final farewell.“Shohka no niwa” Garden is a contemplative spiritual garden that is seen after the cremation.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge in this project is how to express people’s feeling on death by the mean of landscape.
Production Technology
The stones in this project include Aji stone, Shiraishijima stone, and Inujima stone. Part of the stone were chiseled and processed.
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