Float Rower (Indoor Rowing MacHine) by LA Design
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award Winner
Float Rower is based on the idea that existing rowing machines do not provide a realistic experience for rowers and because of this are unable to exercise many of the key muscle groups that rowers need to develop. The ideal solution is a rowing machine that behaves as if it were on water and responds to all the many inputs and actions that rowers would normally impart. A much better training aid for rowers and a vastly superior work out for those just looking to exercise at home or in the gym.
Float Rower creates the experience of floating and rowing on water. Its innovative and unique float and roll system brings the sensation of being on the water, to dry land. Built onto an elegant chassis, the floating and rolling monorail, resistance mechanism and seat give you the sensation of sitting on a rowing racing boat and improve technical training and develop greater strength and core stability. Float Rower has two fully independent resistance mechanisms to develop rowing technique simultaneously with strength, fitness and endurance.
Design Challenges
The primary creative challenge was to create the experience of rowing on water via a mechanical simulation system that also reacts to rower input. Following initial research into the important perceptions of rowing experiences, the challenge was to balance these expectations against realistic manufacturing costs. The research challenge was to identify key user groups and record their insights following trials. This iterative approach involved considerable effort in developing and honing reactive sub systems to mimic complex natural feedbacks.
Production Technology
The production version of Float Rower is an amalgamation of custom aluminium extrusions, CNC fabricated aluminium tubes, aluminium castings, injection mouldings and large RIM mouldings. The materials, processes and design details have been selected to satisfy mechanical strength requirements whilst optimising the solutions for the lightest weight, within commercially acceptable cost constraints.
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