Smog Free Project (Smog Free Tower and Smog Free Jewellery) by Daan Roosegaarde
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Winner
The Smog Free Project is inspired by Roosegaarde’s numerous travels in China, particularly by a visit to Beijing in 2013 when he could not look up out of his hotel room and children were kept indoors due to the severity of the smog. The project is a part of Roosegaarde’s larger oeuvre ‘Landscapes of the Future’ which connects people, technology and space to improve the quality of daily life in urban environments. The Smog Free Ring and Cufflinks are made from compressed smog particles.
The Smog Free Project offers a unique sensual experience of a clean future. It consists of Smog Free Tower and Smog Free Jewelry, and the Tower is the largest air purifier in the world that cleans 30,000m3 per hour via patented ion technology, using no more green electricity than a waterboiler. Collected smog particles are then compressed and turn into a tangible souvenir, rings and cuff-links. By sharing a Smog Free jewelry, one donates 1000m3 of clean air.
Design Challenges
Daan Roosegaarde did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Smog Free Project Smog Free Tower and Smog Free Jewellery.
Production Technology
For a period of 41 days, the Smog Free Tower has cleaned a volume of 30 million m3 of Beijing’s air which equals to a volume of 10 Beijing National Stadiums (also known as the Bird’s Nest). It has captured billions of harmful PM2.5 airborne particles during its exhibition time. The smog particles collected from the Smog Free Tower in Beijing are used to make a special limited edition as a tangible souvenir of clean air. By sharing a Smog Free Ring, you donate 1000 m3 of clean air to the city. Each unique ring is individually crafted by Roosegaarde’s design team. The new Beijing version of the ring accommodates more smog than its predecessor from Rotterdam and contributes to the development of the project and its global tour.
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