Dan Sultan Magnetic (Music Video) by Jonathan Chong
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Movie and Animation Design Award Winner
Combining 3D printing and stop-motion animation made it possible to produce an innovative and compelling clip without the musician having to commit to 3 months of filming. I was inspired by the Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer but wanted to take it to take it beyond the traditional pixelation technique and use new media technologies including 3D printing, projection mapping and 3D animation. I came up with some visual concepts that would match key points in the song relating to the lyrics.
The music video Magnetic is a hybrid of new media technologies; 3D printing, projection mapping, stop motion and some 3D animation. It is a performance clip with a 3D representation of the musician Dan Sultan as a sculptural bust. Through out the video the bust transforms and becomes a "living work of art". Two months in the making, over 60 individual 3D printed pieces and over 2700 photos.
Design Challenges
The main challenge was how to print all the 3D elements in the short amount of time that was required for the production. We ended up using five 3D printers simultaneously to reduce the print time. Also we need to research the best method for attaching and swapping out the head of the printed bust. For this we used a ball and socket joint. We tested a number of different methods and this worked the best. 3D animation was used when 3D printing large complex objects was too difficult and expensive.
Production Technology
The first step in the process of making Magnetic was to create a 3D scan of Dan’s head and face. This was done by taking a series of photos of Dan at various angles which were then stitched together to create a 3D model. We made a 30cm high bust of Dan with a movable head and replaceable mouth and eye pieces so we could animate the full range of facial expressions and movement. There were 11 phonemes; a unit of sound in speech, or mouth shapes that were also printed so when put together formed the words for lip syncing.
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