Loyly (Public Sauna and Restaurant) by Ville Hara
2016 - 2017, Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
There is a rectangular box containing warm spaces that is covered with a free form wooden "cloak". There are sheltered outside spaces in between. The lamellas function like venetian blinds and block the views from outside. The structure protects the building from the harsh coastal climate. It shades the interior spaces and helps to reduce the use of energy to cool the building. Moreover, the stepped cloak forms stairs to climb on to the roof and look out terraces on top of the building.
With Loyly Helsinki offers foreign visitors a public sauna experience - a must when visiting Finland. The building was designed slim and elongated so as not to cut the narrow park. The volume is kept as low as possible so that it doesn't block views from the future residential blocks. The sauna is developed into an easy-going, faceted construction that is more part of the park than a conventional building. When the wooden building turns gray, it will become more like a rock on the shoreline.
Design Challenges
The idea for Loyly came from Helsinki city but it was not easy to find a client for the project as running public sauna is not very profitable business. Twice our client withdrew and we had to find a new client. Also the site changed twice and the project took six years to complete even though it is not very big in size. Only when Antero Vartia and Jasper Paakkonen took the project over and got a bank loan of more than 6 million euros, the building works could start.
Production Technology
The cloak is made of Nextimber, a special heat treated gluelam that is pressed to modify timber’s properties and freeing from need of surface treatments needing a lot of maintenance. There are around 4000 planks, more of 2000 of which have individual shape, that were modeled and precisely cut to individual forms by a computer-controlled CNC machine. The cloak has an interesting load bearing steel structure as the beams meet in different angles.
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