Battle For Sevastopol (Main Title Sequence) by Vadim Revin
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Movie and Animation Design Award Winner
The immensity of the events taking place during the World War II, archive recordings and photos of soldiers fighting to death. Their fierce will to win, their will to sacrifice something invaluable for it - human lives. And of course, the great victory that has been glorified and celebrated for many decades all around the globe. All the atmosphere and the spirit of those times lay the strongest possible foundation to create the main title sequence for the movie.
Motionless shadow figures; stage, almost theatrical illumination, continuous presence of fire and smoke. Camera angles, simulating various historical photographs. One continuos camera flight captures several different scenes that tell stories devoted to different characters of the movie. The movement of the camera and shot composition pay a significant role in it. The entire concept of the project is based upon the themes from archive photos, composite pictures and works of art by great artists of that time such as A. Deyneka, N. Prisekin and others.
Design Challenges
Vadim Revin did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Battle For Sevastopol Main Title Sequence.
Production Technology
The looks of the characters have been well taken care of. Some of the light tricks were applied to emphasize the nature and position of every character. The material used to make statues would remind you of stone surface. Occasionally, you can see some golden dust soaring around in the air. All characters and environment are fully computer generated images. The similarity of 3-D models to the real actors is just mind-blowing.
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