Kitch T (Compact Kitchen) by Irena Kilibarda
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
As interior designers we work on kitchen designing as well as its manufacture throughout our projects. We use Corian DuPont for our worktops. Cooking, beeing friendly, joining the rooms and people, creating interaction is the idea of dsignedby contemporary living. Starting at one end with our Table T to end up with a compact kitchen Kitch T
The kitchen is made to fit the width as well as the length of one Corian DuPont board. Its elements 80cm wide are in use from both sides of this compact isle. There are no handles, only the comfort of getting in touch with nature through the 3D solid Red Oak wood doors. The worktop, reinforced on the inside with Corian verticals and solid water resistant wood, includes a Corian mobile Charger built in its surface as well as the electrical and usb sockets. Kitch T is easily connected to water and electrical supplies through its left and right outlets.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge was to make every space of this compact kitchen functional and in use. Since the elements underneath the worktop are only 80cm wide, and opening from both sides, the overall depth is smaller than the standard of 60cm. Therefore, we get drawers which are not in the standard sizes. The smallest drawer found behind the fridge is 27cm deep, which gives enough space for the silverware. Nothing in this kitchen is standard, it is designed totally to fit the shape of Table T.
Production Technology
Corian DuPont as a high end solid sustainable material is used in homes as well as retail, hospitality or medical environments. It comes in the boards of 6 to 19mm of 92 or 76cm x 365.8cm. It is cut, prepared and glued with the Corian liquid glue in precise color manually for later on programmed cutting and forming the 3D structure of the table. To get the sleek final result, the table and worktop is polished manually with 5 different granulations of the abrasive.
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