Japanese Sake “koi” (Bottle and Box) by AYA CODAMA
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Our inspiration of this project is “Creating the impressive designed Sake that represents Japan”, and we chose the Japanese most famous ornamental fish “Koi” as our motif. (“Koi fish” is often called as “Nishikigoi”.) This Sake is manufactured by Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd. located in Niigata prefecture where is known as Koi breeding from old time. "KOI" is ornamental carp that have beautiful colored markings on the spindle-shaped heroic body. They can be defined as inedible carp that have admirable figure, markings or colors. Also they are known as a "living jewel". In 1918, first "KOI" was born in Niigata Japan where the Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery has their brewery.
As called a living jewel, Koi has very beautiful red patterns on white body, and attracting many funs worldwide. Our package expresses the beauty of Koi, the red patterns directly printed on white porcelain bottle which resembles in the shape of Koi. By cutting out the outer box in Koi silhouette, it visually emphasizes the image of Koi. Japanese brush stroke technique is used on those red patterns.
Design Challenges
Printing something on the curved white porcelain bottle requires quite high technique and was a challenge. Only the limited company in Japan has its technique and it took a lot of try and error to finally bring it to successful result. To print the large curved bottle surface is time-consuming process; the transfer sheet with full design will be carefully cut in 3 pieces and attached on the bottle by hands, and then bakes in the kiln. All this challenge and work was essential to express a real Koi in entire bottle.
Production Technology
To be printed on white porcelain bottle. Box contains gold foil hot stamped.
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