Scw Chocolate (Packaging) by Ning Li
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
The shape and form were inspired by the Wiener Werkstatte artists of Vienna Secession Movement: Egon Schiele. His was well-known by his drawing style: the distorted and disjointed human body figures. Hence, I borrowed this concept and created the similar style: seemingly unbalanced and distorted shape, but meanwhile, they group in harmony and could nest peacefully in a hexagon shaped box.
Salzburg Chocolate Werks is a special edition that is designed for celebrating the 100th year anniversary. The design brief of this project is to achieve the luxury and elegant chocolate packaging based on our assigned Wiener Werkstatte artists from the Vienna Secession movement. The shape of the chocolate box is inspired by the style from Egon Schiele, whose portrait is known for its disjointed and tortured figure.
Design Challenges
I want to create an odd but balanced shape packaging as a representative of the Egon Schiele style. But it was hard to develop such distorted shape and form as they usually couldn't stand up steadily or be folded through one piece of paper. So I started with a single shape: hexagon, and subtly carved the surface to create the packaging form. The outcomes surprised me that the function of the packagings can be displayed in multiple ways, which is a benefit for gift set packaging.
Production Technology
Basswood was used for lid and structure bases, and was wrapped by papers. The primary packaging was folded through one piece of paper, and then applied the gold foil stamped and embossed.
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