Into The World of Art (Gallery) by Joy Chou
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
It is a private arts gallery designed for private collection and exhibition. Entertaining friends and displaying collection of artworks are the basic designing concept. This design stresses the creative ideas of green power and environmental protection, possessing both privacy and a taste of life. In design, because the owner of the art gallery collects pottery, wooden, stone, and, metal artworks, the style of the wall is designed with arc levels, forming a natural level of scattered mesa form. Irregularly, deliberately but naturally forming the style of the wall show the primitive textures. The curve of the floral ceiling makes the whole design more perfect. The hidden-track projection lamp can be adjusted freely, which has practical function and even takes shape.
The concept of streamline, setting display in order As for most of the designs of circulation of traditional arts galleries, open or vertical sections and reception areas are the design of a fixed area, which seem stiff. According to the infinite aesthetic definition, the design group employs “rhythm” to design circulation order, reversing the regular exhibiting style. Following the floral ceilings and streamline design of the reception area, you can start your aesthetics exploration journey naturally.
Design Challenges
Environmental protection and green power are the most important current issues in the world. The environmental protection and green power are the most important current issue in the world. The design employs the concept of greenness and the creative form of an arc to symbolize the thriving of life. The employment of fallen leaves, seeds, elk moss, and wood to create a spherical installation artwork. The column of the architectural structure is covered by rock beam so as to echo the image of nature.
Production Technology
The tress nearby the outdoor sliding door stretching, overgrowing, and upholding the master’s right of privacy. The large glass lightings in the reception area show extraordinary magnificence and elegance of the space. The furniture with foreign brand spirits, and the main wall decorated by shell travertine with simple texture and natural veins set off the harmony between refinement and wildness, fashion and nature. The floor is decorated by the stone of special import specifications. Only the essential parts are employed (with most veins, with most intensity). After being polished, the floor shines forth uniform brightness, making vision extended and coherent. Brightness, imposing spirit and magnificent power are produced from the design.
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