Jacobs Coffee (Coffee Beans) by Angela Spindler
2014 - 2015, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
The client wanted to package the product in a typical coffee bean bag but wanted something different that afforded them flexibility with the number of variants they wanted to bring to market, cost efficiencies and practicality.
This packaging is unique as it takes a conventional coffee bag and places a box style lid over the top to deliver a flat surface providing both functional stackability and large format space for branding and product differentiation. The lid itself employs winged engineering to hold it in place. The the wings reverse fold up against the side panels and then catch in place in the fold of the bag thus ensuring the lid can not slip off.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of the project was to deliver a solution that met all of the clients criteria, was cost effective and simple. The client wanted the top of the bag to be presented flat and for the top of the bag to be kept in position without having to adhere anything. The solution was a perfect marriage of form, function and aesthetic appeal.
Production Technology
As a start up company the production costs and practicality played key roles in the overall design solution. With small production runs the bags were printed with a rubber stamp, giving the client the flexibilty to order small quantities. The lids shared a number of colours enabling a cost effective print matrix to be established enabling the client to batch order the variants as required. The lids were printed 3 PMS colours with an over all satin varnish.
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