Baccarat 250th Anniversary Chandelier (Lighting) by Yasumichi Morita
2014 - 2015, Platinum A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Baccarat has been collaborating with various creators who lead generations and always seeking new creativities to produce innovative artworks. They unveiled their very first chandelier in 1827 in France and in 2014 they tried to produce the new chandelier to celebrate their 250th anniversary. GLAMOROUS co.,ltd. is so honored to design the chandelier and has expanded the design possibility of Baccarat chandeliers under the concept of “Session of Sparkle” reflecting the combination of different materials; crystals and mirrors.
Design concept is "Session of Sparkle", with wishes to fill the venue with session of lighting, session of Baccarat, guests and GLAMOROUS and session of happy sparkle. The dynamic Baccarat chandelier has emerged in the Yebisu Garden Place, as if it is floating. The sparkle with refraction by crystals and mirrors show various expressions as if it has eternal breath. It draws the special sight of the world wrapped with day light and night darkness, whose transition cannot be taken your eyes off for a moment. Such a fantastic world would give people a hunch of beginning of happy story with blinding sparkle.
Design Challenges
To design the largest chandelier of the brand and to make the special frame which can bear the 1.8ton chandelier to be hung were challenging.
Production Technology
Chrystal glass, LED
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