Breezer Be Bold (Limited Edition Spirits) by Interbrand Shanghai Consumer Brand Team
2013 - 2014, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
The spontaneous playful interaction with the fruit based on its appearance which is relevant to drinks category. Slice a lemon. Lick a strawberry. Squeeze a lime. Clasp a grapefruit. Suck an orange. Smash a blueberry. Squish a peach. Each action is also given a unique twist to the idea. An homage to our female target audience. A woman lustfully Licks the bottle with a deliciously seductive strawberry tongue. A venus fly trap Clasps a grapefruit to reflect the methodical control of a tantalizing mistress. A blueberry Smashes against the wall, thrown by a girl who isn't used to not getting her way. A pair of pink pumps Squishes its peach heel and tempts on-lookers as a woman’s most juicy accessory. Each bottle tells its own personal story. The collection stays consistent with an edgy, bold, and vibrant attitude that pushes the boundaries.
The collection is shelf impactful by use of vibrant colors, brand personality idea of Bold with Thoughts is also conveyed through unique fruit-relevant illustrations and typography that amplify the individuality and daring attitudes of our female target audience. This creative execution satisfies both the drink category and the market that is bold enough to generate buzz for first-ever limited edition in China.
Design Challenges
We were excited to take on a client brief for the first-ever limited edition design for Bacardi Breezer in China. Our biggest challenge is to keep the design uniquely true to the essence of each flavor, and yet still relevant to young female audience. We also kept in mind of brand's core idea: Bold, Irrepressible, Vibrant and always keeping it Real.
Production Technology
Glass bottle printed on plastic shrink wrap
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