Elastomeric Technology Collection (Swim Goggles) by Speedo USA Erika Gentry, Barry McGeough, Craig Stiff
2013 - 2014, Platinum A' Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award Winner
The properties of the Elastomeric technology first sparked while discussing the pitfalls of recreational Diving with one of our top technical Dive manufacturers. As a Product Manager, I'm constantly inspired by the products I use and see every day. How can they be changed, improved, or extracted into new and better products? In both the Recreational and Technical Dive space, comfort is key. The ultimate challenge in Consumer Product Design is: how do you make equipment comfortable? Specifically for swimming, how do you keep goggles comfortable for an extended peroiod of time, and in extreme conditions? The basic principles of water distrobution in Diving are: the deeper a diver descends, the more water he or she has above them; and thus more pressure is exerted on their body. After testing a variety of Dive masks, and discussing the pros and cons with our manufacturer, we were inspired to merge features from the technical Dive world into the world of traditional Swim Goggles. Specifically, trasferring the ridges from a Dive mask skirt onto the gaskets of a traditional Swim Goggle. These ridges create an accordian effect, that in Diving allows the mask to fit comfortably, rather than collapsing and pushing against the face at deep depths. The thought: If this works for Dive masks -it would also work for Swim Goggles. And so the Elastomeric collection was born. The first ever goggle gasket with ridges that provide both comfort and stability! The creation of the Elastomeric gasket, allows for the seal to contour to the wearers face; and move fluidly as the facial muscles expand and contract during the breathing cycle.
Elastomeric™ technology, an exclusive development preventing excess pressure from building around the eye; this new offering provides a superior 'gushy' seal, unparalleled in other swimming goggles. Clear Sight™ Technology: Split-angled lenses offer 180° peripheral vision with zero distortion. All curved lens goggles inherently have some degree of distortion that cause eye fatigue, and prevent maximum visibility. Utilizing a split-angled lens, Speedo combines two flat lenses together, thereby eliminating the need to bend the lens, while offering the best sight possible.
Design Challenges
The creative challenge we faced was how to infuse the Elastomeric ridges and grooves into a standard goggle gasket, without making the product overly large or bulky. Gasket dimensions were key to ensure a water-tight seal, and comfort against the wearer's orbital bone. Typically swimmer's have a preference as to 'standard' gasket size, we had to make sure the Elastomeric technology would fit within the parameters of the traditional acceptable swim goggle sizing.
Production Technology
Dual Injection frame, liquid silicone Elastomeric gaskets, Clear Sight split-angled lenses.
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