Illusion (Website) by Adriana de Barros
2013 - 2014, Platinum A' Digital and Broadcasting Media Design Award Winner
We wanted to launch a short-publication website focused on art and design, especially dedicated to optical illusions and trick photos. Illusion is inspired by magic tricks and art displayed around the world.
Illusion is an art, design and film website. Featuring the most amazing artistic creations from around the globe. The project was recently redesigned with a fully responsive layout. We follow the motto: less is more, and keep our site design minimalist and functional for viewers.
Design Challenges
Responsive (re-sizeable) websites are something new, so it presents a challenge when it is a bit unknown to a designer or developer. It required doing research, seeing other site examples. It took a few years to envision some of the changes to the site, and only in the summer did we begin working on the project development. The site was fully re-coded. There were new features added that didn't work well on the first try, and then they were re-coded and re-tested. Design-wise it was more about upgrading/improving the site, then making a completely different look that may confuse readers. Some of the challenges were how to incorporate the advertising banners that were not supposed to be re-sizable for ad standards, yet make the site stretchable and looking good.
Production Technology
The design mockups were done in Photoshop, showing each screen size. There were about 6 dimensions (from 320px, 728px, to 1280px 2500px). It was fully coded with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
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