Osoro (Open Tableware System) by Narumi Corporation
2013 - 2014, Platinum A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
As our veiws on life changes with the times, tabelware may well be the answer to many of our problems in the daily life. From the dinner table to the process of refrigerating, freezing and even storing, OSORO has come up with some new ideas, then may revolutionize our food lifestyle. We would like to offer the experience the wonder of OSORO's OPEN TABLEWARE SYSTEM.
OSORO's innovative character is to combine the quality of high-grade vitrified porcelain and its typical ivory-colored glossy skin with the function suitable for preserving food in the refrigerator or freezer and for cooking with steam oven or microwave. The simple, modular shape with its various elements can be stacked to save space, flexibly combined and closed with a multi-colored silicone O-Sealer or O-Connector so that food stays well sealed in it. OSORO can be universally used eliminating the need for our daily life.
Design Challenges
The dishware normally shrinks during firing in the kiln. Normal porcelain ware shrinks plun or minus 2% or more. By controlling the shrinking degree in minimum to plus or minus 1% or less, OSORO was acheived the tolerance of size in minimum and was shaped with the straight wall and edge as well as stacking capability. In addition to this, glossy surface by frit graze and its functionality for heat resistance and durability were given by the newly developed raw material called NARUMIO which was developed for OSORO.
Production Technology
Gentle golossy skin of vitrified porcelain, simple moduler designed shape on round, square and oblong and its stack is like an object of beauty, 8 silicone colors to paint the food life bright and sealed with a single finger, a high quality platinum silicone with no scent or color transfer, a silicone cover called O-Sealer and a ring called O-Connector for steam sealing system, beautiful equipment with high functionality, one vessel for various purpose and compact storing in small and smart stacking.
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