Up Your Street (Cottage Cheese) by Springetts Brand Design
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
In response to a brief set by The Grocer magazine to revive the cottage cheese market, we drew inspiration from the idea of a street of cottages needing to be renewed and revitalised.
Up Your Street is a brand idea created to reinvent and reinvigorate the ailing cottage cheese category. The concept is built around the notion of moving cottage cheese on from the safety and comfort of its old 'cottage' to live in more exciting and exotic homes. In doing so the product itself is reinvigorated and re-presented in new and interesting flavour combinations. The house-shaped Tetra Pak format brings this concept to life in-store, creating a 'street' on shelf and invites possibilities for new variants, sizes & limited editions. Two thoughts to this end are the Haunted House for Halloween and The Love Shack for Valentine's Day!
Design Challenges
To create a brand idea that allowed consumers to re-appraise the ailing cottage cheese category in a distinctive and engaging way. To move the current perception of cottage cheese on from being a healthy bland product used only by dieters and body builders to one that is versatile and exciting with innovative flavours and formats.
Production Technology
This is a concept design but the intended materials would be Tetra Pak cartons in individual small 200-300g formats with a tear off strip to open and a wooden spoon attached to the side to eat. The limited edition offers would be slightly bigger in size either by height or width and could explore/ utilise other materials and formats other than the Tetra to suit that Limited Edition 'house' idea and further build brand engagement.
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