5 Elemente (Wine Label) by Valerii Sumilov
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Packaging Design Award Winner
The main source of inspiration for this project was the major selling point of the product itself - a fine and elegant blend of five distinct wine varieties. This trait provided inspiration for using the stylized Roman number V as the main visual element, which in turn imposed the overall concise and slick style for the entire composition.
The design of 5 Elemente is the result of a project, where the client trusted the design agency with full freedom of expression. The highlight of this design is the Roman character V, which depicts the main idea of the product – five types of wine intertwined in a unique blend. The special paper used for the label as well as the strategic placing of all the graphic elements provoke the potential consumer to take the bottle and spin it in their hands, touch it, which certainly makes a deeper impression and renders the design more memorable.
Design Challenges
There were several major challenges when working on this project. At first, there was the struggle to place all the informative and graphic elements in a way that wouldn`t make the label look overstuffed with details. This led to the concept of a label that would cover the entire flat surface of the bottle instead of using the traditional two-piece layout. This, in turn, resulted in the technological challenge as none of the local printing companies had the ability to print the label as it was intended to.
Production Technology
High quality paper and tactile varnish used for the label delivers pleasant tactile sensations when handling the bottle.
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